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Value-based Payment Trapped in an FFS Straight-jacket, a Virtual Summit

2021-12-07 7:00 PM | Anonymous

February 11, 2022 Friday Afternoon
& February 12, 2022 Saturday Morning

Four years ago, NNPEN’s founders were planning our first Nurse Practitioner Entrepreneur [NPE] Conference in Boston in collaboration with Northeastern University.  Nervously we watched the registration numbers limp along, shocked when nearly 100 NPEs and educators showed up.  Many still refer to that 2017 Boston event as the Ground Zero 1.0 of an NP practice owner [NPPO] community. Since then, NNPEN became an NP member services entity organized as an LLC with dreams of both profit and prophet. Among other things, we’ve fashioned from whole cloth an NP Business Basics curriculum, consulted with NP practices of an NP Aggregator, and convened signature conferences for NPPOs every year, including 2020. 
These past 4 years’ Ground Zero 1.0 work has been nurturing a community of NPEs who wonder if they are ready to be owners of their own practices [autonomous practice with no doctor oversight is lawful in half the states and growing].  Now nurse-led practice doors are opening but payers will not negotiate revenue unless NP practices are willing to accept downside risk as well as upside incentives in alternative payment models [aka VBPs, or value-based payments].  Payers, led by CMS, are leaning heavily toward APMs that reward patient-centered outcomes we know that Fee for Service contracts with NPs do not and will not.  Ground Zero 2.0 is about planning for this major risk-reward payment reboot, with NPs embracing the fiscal value of the nursing model’s “deliverable”: patient centeredness. 
We are trying to connect many data points into a realistic payment reform strategy with the hope that like-minded attendees at this Summit hear the same call to action we do.  Most of the sessions will feature non-NP subject matter experts, each paired with one or two NPPO [NP Practice Owner] respondents in a conversation that starts our program with Will the NP-owned Practice Survive?  NNPEN’s job is to keep the ball in play, to connect the Summit participants in the drafting of a post-Summit consensus plan, Roadmap to Critical Mass.
On February 11 and 12, 2022 please join us to celebrate our arrival at Ground Zero 2.0, NNPEN’s 2022 NP Value-Based Payment Virtual Summit.  We believe it’s time for NPPOs to develop their critical mass strategies and the road maps to get there.  And we also believe that the Ground Zero 2.0 Summit is the beginning of the community that will do that work. 
Sandy Berkowitz
NNPEN Payment Reform Strategist

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