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Office Ours Monthly Meetings

Our monthly meetings, called Office Ours, are accessible via teleconference and webinar.

Each month we share critical information and updates pertinent to NP owned businesses. Then all attendees are encouraged to share their expertise, experience, and suggestions with others. Many of these conversations provide subject matter for future webinars and Office Ours. Office Ours are held the third Tuesday of every month from 8:30 p.m.- 9:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

Register in advance for meetings. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Our Next Office OURS

Topic: TBA

Tuesday, January 16, 2024, | 8:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. 

Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Speaker: TBA

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*Next Office OURS: February 20, 2023, at 8:30pm ET



OO-10-2023: Implementing a Weight loss Clinic into Your Practice

OO-09-2023: The Only Thing Certain is Death and Taxes. What do I Owe as a Business Owner?

OO-08-2023: The Savvy NP - Everything you need to know about billing and credentialing.

OO-07-2023: Wrap up of AANP Conference

OO-06-2023: Value Based Care Q&A   

OO-05-2023: Avoiding the Handcuffs - Insurance Fraud Intelligence  

OO-04-2023: Empassion and High Needs Reach ACO: What is it and How Does it Differ from a Traditional MSSP ACO?

OO-03-2023: How Does the NP Calculate 'Value' - The Latest in VBP 

OO-02-2023 - February:    Update on Billing and Credentialing from the Trenches 

OO-01-2023 - January: Coffee or Cocktails and Conversation: Find Out What NNPEN Has In Store for You in 2023!


OO-12-2022 - December: 2023 CPT for E/M and Guideline Changes

OO-11-2022 - November: How to Start and Manage your Obesity Medicine Practice

OO-10-2022 - October: Open Payments, What Should You Know?

OO-09-2022 - September: Proposed CMS Changes 2023 for Remote Care Management       

OO-08-2022 - August: Employee Contracts: What Should You Look For?             

OO-07-2022 - July: Value Based Payment for Nurse-Led Practices 

OO-06-2022- June: Adding RPM to your Practice  
OO-05-2022 - May: Plan Slow Sell Fast Preparing for the sale of your practice

OO-04-2022 - April: Look Before You Leap: Business and Legal Considerations When Buying a Practice

OO-03-2022 - March: Finding HIPAA in a Haystack

OO-02-2022 - February: How to Leverage a Professional Portfolio

OO-01-2022 - January: CPT Updates for 2022


OO-12-2021 - December: Medicine On The Move: The Development of a Mobile Primary Care

OO-11-2021 - November: RVUs: To Determine Compensation

OO-10-2021 - October: Credentialing with Insurance vs. Cash pay: Know the Difference

OO-09-2021 - September: Contract Basics: Read Before You Sign

OO-07-2021 - July: Legal Pearls for the NP Entrepreneur

OO-06-2021 - June: DPC: An Owner's Story 
OO-04-2021 - April: I am the Boss of Me!

OO-03-2021 - March:
When the Government Knocks

OO-02-2021 - February: Real World Marketing for Your Practice!

OO-01-2021 - January: Navigating the Social Media Landscape!


OO-12-2020 - December: E&M: First Major Overhaul in 20 Years!

OO-11-2020 - November: "Take my advice"..Avoiding the Stress of Independent Practice

OO-10-2020 - October: Technical Issues in the Small Practice

OO-09-2020 - Sept: Pearls from a Psychiatric NP Practice: Lessons from 25 Years of Craziness

OO-08-2020 - August: I Went to Cancer Land Without a Road Map
OO-06-2020 - June:
Pearls from an NP Practice Owner
OO-05-2020 - May:
Behind the Scene Secrets for Telehealth Success

OO-03-2020 - March: 
Empowering NPs to be Risk Takers

OO-02-2020 - Feb.: Denials and Other Ways to Leave Money on the Table

OO-01-2020 - Jan.Developing a House Call Practice - What you Need to Know


OO-12-2019 - Dec.: Making Sense of a Profit & Loss Report Key to Your Business Success
OO-11-2019 - November: Cyber Threats To NP's
OO-10-2019 - October: Reputation Management
OO-09-2019 - September: Starting a Virtual Practice
OO-07-2019 - July: Small Business Administration Resources/Loans
OO-06-2019 - June: Telepsychiatry Services: Mental Health in the Digital Age
OO-05-2019 - May: How to Market Your Practice/Business
OO-04-2019 - April: Revenue Cycle Management Only Sounds Complicated
OO-03-2019 - March: Are You Ready for the E&M Changes?
OO-02-2019 - February: Navigating Credentialing
*NR - January: Open Conversation with NNPEN Founders 


OO-12-2018 - December: Is Malpractice Insurance All I Need?
*NR - October: CMS Free Online Resources
*NR - September: E HR Pre-Purchase Checklist – Catherine Huddle, Servocity
*NR - July: Midwest Conference Debriefing
*NR - June: Insurance Fraud
*NR - May: Your Personal Tour of NNPEN‘s Treasure Trove of Resources
*NR - April: Veronica Pike, NP-C, Co-founder of Med2You

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