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National Nurse Practitioner Entrepreneur Network - NNPEN
was born from a nurse-led startup failure. Our founder tried to start a regional nurse-led primary care practice and failed. She couldn’t find an NP CEO with fire in the belly and a business brain. She couldn’t find investors interested in lending money to a business with razor-thin margins. Even with a business plan, she didn’t know enough to realistically evaluate the start-up’s probability of success.  But she was smart enough to recognize that it wasn’t just what she didn’t know; the educational system for NPs was flawed.

Nurse Practitioners are taught to be change agents — not risk-takers or business owners.  Recognizing that it may take years for nursing school curriculum to adapt, a consortium of nursing leaders founded NNPEN to be the link between NPs and with needed business resources. NNPEN is committed to accelerating the growth of sustainable nurse-led start-ups.  Why?  Because we know successful NP businesses increase work force satisfaction, increase NP revenue opportunity and increase consumer access to nurse-led high value, high quality health care–the ultimate win/win!

"We connect nurse practitioner entrepreneurs with each other and with start up resources."

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Tel: 860-322-0708

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