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NNPEN is the founding national voice of nurse practitioners in business and those who own practices or plan too soon. We believe Nurse Practitioner-owned start-ups are the key to improving access to healthcare in this country. But entrepreneurship is scary. NNPEN is here to help you with valuable connections and resources.

5 Good Reasons to Join NNPEN:

NNPEN’s Members-Only Directory. Designed to help you to link arms with like-minded professionals. You’ll have access to the support, advice, and encouragement of colleagues who have been there and are thriving.

Consulting with NNPEN founders. NNPEN members have direct email and phone access to our four founders to tap into our their diverse work backgrounds and networks to connect you with relevant NNPEN members and resources.

Revenue Cycle Management Services. Members receive discounts on revenue cycle management services through NNPEN trusted business partner Professional Revenue Management Services.

Credentialing. Members receive discounts on credentialing and staff appointment services through NNPEN trusted business partner SBSC Medical and Behavioral Health Business Services.

Monthly Office Ours Meeting. Our monthly virtual Office Ours meetings are the lifeline to other members. We share critical information and updates pertinent to NP owned businesses. Then all members are encouraged to share their expertise, experience, and suggestions with other members. Many of these conversations provide subject matter for future webinars and “Office Hours.” Office hours are held the third Tuesday of every month from 8:30-9:30 p.m. Eastern.

"We connect nurse practitioner entrepreneurs with each other and with start up resources."

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Tel: 860-322-0708

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