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New Website

2019-12-09 10:46 AM | Anonymous member

Welcome to our new ‘hood! As NNPEN grows members, we are getting more requests for direct member-to-member interaction capabilities. This new website has been designed with that capability as one of our satisfaction metrics: demonstrate material growth in member-to-member direct interaction. Now the Blog, the Forum (discussion board) and the Membership Directory are 3 website tools NNPEN offers to support peer- to-peer dialogue with no “mother may I?’ tollgate. The key here is that these tools aim to support NNPEN members. Are you a member? If not, ask yourself: is becoming part of something bigger than you -- a growing NP entrepreneur advocacy network -- worth $144/year?

Your call to action is to try these tools out and give us feedback. Oh, and if you can’t access the forum and directory because you’re not a member, Join NNPEN today!

Many more things to talk about in 2020: a co-hosted Home-Based Primary Care Blueprint for Success conference in Phoenix in February and NNPEN’s Value-Based Payments survey, for instance. Get there in good health!

s/s Sandy Berkowitz

Co-Founder and CEO

"We connect nurse practitioner entrepreneurs with each other and with start up resources."

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