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  • 2018-06-01 9:42 AM | Anonymous

    • Have you been wondering what else NNPEN is up to, in addition to planning our signature NP Entrepreneur Conference in July and our monthly Office Ours calls?  Here’s where I pat NNPEN on the back. Right side, then Left side. 

      Why?  Because NNPEN took seriously CMS Innovation Center’s recent (May 25, 2018 deadline) Request for Information (RFI)/public comment on the desirability of standing up a Medicare Direct Provider Contracting advanced payment model, one that could 

    • ·       be open to contracting with NPs as a Virtual Group and as independent PCPs, AND
    • ·       offer nurse-led practices opportunity to learn critical Value-Based Payment (VBP) skillsets, AND
    • ·       accumulate sustaining practice surplus. 

    NNPEN has done preliminary analysis that leads us to believe strongly that the nursing model can be relied on to deliver less costly, quality health care outcomes and still generate Shared Savings, which in turn is the nurse-led practice’s only sustainable source of surplus.  To grow substantially and operate sustainably, we NEED access to shared savings (value-based) payment models, and clearly it’s a fight to get seats at the table.

    We have said since our inception that NNPEN’s mission is to connect Nurse Practitioner Entrepreneurs (NPEs) with each other and with quality start-up resources.  But we have also been clear that a strong NPE network creates meaningful opportunities for NP participation in reimbursement negotiations.     In essence, NP professional associations’ best negotiation positions likely will present NP solutions to America’s health care access crisis--keeping focus on the patient, which is as deeply ingrained in nurses as the Hippocratic Oath is for physicians.  But NPEs also need advocates who see NPs as a powerful market and workforce, and that is a different message from focus on the patient. By forcing ourselves to respond to RFIs like this one, NNPEN is beginning to see an NP payment advocacy niche that we can fill for all NPs.  NNPEN is interested in your thinking: are we on the right track?  And if you agree that we’re on the right track, joining NNPEN gives us more power to speak on your behalf.

    Read NNPEN’s DPC RFI response:

    Worth joining in this fight?  I say yes; what say you?


  • 2018-03-01 9:28 AM | Anonymous
    • March 20, 2018 was the real-time debut of NNPEN’s Office Hours to you, our potential NP Entrepreneur customers, and it was scary.  Here’s how we coped:

    • ·       We learned not to fall apart when we didn’t meet a deadline (like when we blew our November 2017 roll-out date for Office Hours). 
    • ·       We convinced ourselves that Office Hours would be a success even if only one person showed up (i.e., whether to one or one hundred, we have declared ourselves as LIVE to the outside world, both in real time and in digital format).
    • ·       We prepped.  Brian, our IT guru, made NNPEN’s vision visible on rotating NNPEN info panels that filled the Zoom screen. 
    • ·       We wrote a script. We timed each of our parts to be SURE that we left time for audience Q&A. We wrote questions to ask if no one in the audience asked any.
    • ·       We laughed, even when our weekly NNPEN status call had already run 30 minutes overtime.
    • In fact, many more than one NPE (NP Entrepreneur) joined our Office Hours debut, and you came from all over the country: Texas, Florida, Wisconsin, DC, Connecticut, Pennsylvania Minnesota. 

      So why am I telling you this? Recall that NNPEN is a start-up too.  If we can identify and share barriers to, and secrets of, success at one start-up (NNPEN), there’s a good bet that NPEs (NP Entrepreneurs) out there are encountering the same challenges and want to talk about it.  This blog, we hope, will be a forum for nurse-led start-up experience-sharing.

      Here are some takeaway from the Office Hours rollout:  

    • ·       HAVE A PLAN
    • ·       HAVE A BACK-UP PLAN  
    • ·       LAUGH!!               

    Join Office Hours every third Tuesday at 8:30-9:30 pm ET.  Our next call will be April 17, 2018.  Calls will be open to all until the end of July; at that time our monthly call will become members-only.  Join NNPEN now as a charter member; but first, come look us over: Click here TO FIND OUT MORE

    Until next blog,

    Mom (aka NNPEN CEO AND Co-Founder Sandy Berkowitz)

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