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Coding and Billing Advanced Course for the NP

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This session is presented by Dr. Lynn Rapsilber NP and Connie Stephey Billing and Coding NPs who can master reimbursement with correct coding and billing are worth their weight to any practice or organization whether an employee or owner. Many of us barely learned the basics. Session is for any NP who is employed by an organization and wants to learn more about billing and coding. Geared for the NP practice owner whether in primary care, specialty or psychiatry, there is something for everyone to learn about revenue generation and coding and billing compliance. This session takes off where Making Sense of the Dollars and Cents leaves off. It takes a deeper dive into Credentialing and understanding insurance companies. Awareness of the difference between a coder and biller. A review and understanding of billing as to DIY or outsourcing. The billing process is detailed along with electronic submission and what to look for when choosing an EHR. Additionally, the value based payment is discussed in terms the NP can appreciate along with helpful ideas and ways to enhance revenue on a practice with the use of risk based strategies: Quality payment programs, MIPS, and HCC coding.

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