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You Are Deputized to Kick the Tires of an ACO REACH

2023-06-13 8:51 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

You Are Deputized to Kick the Tires of an ACO REACH

Hi!  You read about or attended NNPEN’s April 1 2023 [In]Visibility to Value conference and know NNPEN is encouraging NP practice owners to get to know NP-friendly

REACH ACOs in their service areas.  REACH ACOs do recognize NPs as PCPs and can offer NP practices a glidepath from inadequate FFS reimbursement to Value-Based Payments which make NP outcomes and costs visible—and that’s a good thing!

This is an opportunity to “kick the tires” of a CMMI NP-friendly Medicare ACO model without having to make a commitment, creates an open database of REACH ACO interviews feedback, and equally important helps you determine your own willingness to transition to value-driven payment to access shared savings, and under what conditions.

NNPEN is enclosing an assortment of REACH interview Qs [courtesy of member Lindsey Maloney] and a CMS list of provisionally accepted REACH ACOs by state**[ links below] to tell you whether the ACO’s Medicare population is 1) high needs [typically HCCs of 4.0/homebound] or 2)all other seniors  and its URL.  From there you can contact the provider network officer of REACH ACOs that interest you.  All REACH ACOs must play by the same rules, but they will vary on important things like E  HR requirements and risk flexibility in early years.

** [provisional REACH  ACOs for 2023]

*   [formerly direct contracting model ACOs that will convert to REACH] This is useful because it  has the URLs of the formerly direct contracting ACOS that you can match with the REACH ACOs listed in the link above.

Once you’ve completed an interview, document your feedback in five yes/no questions by following the link here

Or the QR code on our homepage, .  This invitation is addressed to the many NP practice owners we have encountered.  Share this invitation with a friend. You do not have to be an NNPEN member. You do need to be interested in how NP practice owners can come together to safely transition out of FFS and into Value-Based reimbursement.

Questions/comments?  See my email below.

Let’s Do This!

Sandy B


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